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UFCU Account Security

At UFCU, account security is serious business. We use proven techniques to ensure your online transactions are secure.

  • Password protection. Every Online Banking session requires your password. Never share your password with anyone, and update it frequently.
  • Encryption. We keep your password safe by using an advanced data encryption protocol known as secure sockets layer. Pages protected by SSL are identified by a small, closed padlock along the edge of your browser and by the prefix https in your browser's address bar.
  • No account spam. Be wary of any phone call or email requesting account information that claims to be from UFCU. We never request your account number, password or other personal information by unsolicited phone calls or email. If you receive suspicious phone calls or emails claiming to be from us, please contact us before responding.

Log in to Online Banking

Always confirm — before logging in to Online Banking — that you are visiting
Secure Log in Examples
Unfortunately, most Online Banking fraud attempts rely on mimicking UFCU's website, with the purpose of stealing your account number and password. If ever you're unsure about proceeding, remember that you can always contact us.

Keep Your Password Secure

To access your accounts online, you need to enter a password. Do not use your Social Security number, birth date or other password that could be easily guessed. Do not share your password with others.

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