Account Alerts

You can sign up to receive account alerts via email from UFCU to get regular account summary information or to be advised of any of the following situations:

  • Your account balance has changed
  • A check has cleared
  • A check stop payment has expired
  • A purchase has been made with your debit card
  • An electronic deposit has been made
  • A nonsufficient funds check has been issued
  • A withdrawal has been made

You can even create a custom message that will be sent to you on a date and time that you specify.

To access a list of your current Account Alert subscriptions and subscribe to additional Account Alerts, log in to your account and complete the following steps:

  1. Select Account Alerts from the navigation bar.
  2. Read and accept the UFCU Alerts System Usage Terms and Conditions.
  3. Select My Alerts to display the list of current Alert subscriptions.
  4. Click Add Account Alert to display the list of current Account Alert subscriptions.
  5. Select Add Alert to subscribe to an Alert.
  6. Enter an appropriate value for each of the variables in the Account Detail area. These values will help determine when or if an alert is triggered.

Get Even More Security with VISA® Debit Card Purchase Alerts

You are also eligible to sign up for Visa Purchase Alerts and receive an email message that alerts you to any purchases made with your Visa debit card that meet your criteria. This is a free service and it couldn’t be simpler: You specify your email address. You define the criteria that will trigger an alert. You stay informed. And if you’ve enrolled in Visa Purchase Alerts, Visa will notify you under any of the following circumstances: 

  • A purchase is made on your account that exceeds an amount you specify.
  • Your card is used outside of the US.
  • A purchase is made online or by phone.

Enroll Now

† Not all cards are eligible because some Visa issuers offer their own transaction alert services.

Stay balanced

Use this calculator to reconcile your checking account.

Period end date
Balance on last statement
Total deposits since last statement
Outstanding Checks
In your check register mark all checks paid. To the right, list checks outstanding not yet charged to your account.
Check #
+ Add another check

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